Landmark Hot Pot House Is Vancouver’s Best Hot Pot

Landmark Hot Pot House has gained a strong reputation in Vancouver for being the top Chinese HotPot Restaurant. They are strongly dedicated to using the freshest seasonal ingredients, and the owner Mr. Lee goes to great lengths to insure their ingredients are the best Vancouver has to offer.
Landmark offers the best quality live seafood such as local geoduck clams-selected for sweetness and ivory purity, and sliced gossamer thin for easy cooking in the hot pots-are a glorious treat. Dungeness crab, Atlantic lobster, and Alaskan king crab are selected with equal care.   Their sticky fried rice is the best you’ll ever have: raw rice is soaked and wok-fried painstakingly slowly, water added little by little until the grains are perfectly toothsome.

It is Landmark’s mission to offer the best culinary experience to their patrons, and has lead them several top Chinese Restaurant Awards over the years.

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