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Fresh Geoduck

Landmark Hotpot House is dedicated to the fine art of seafood. The signature geoduck is the freshest and one of most tasty seafood of all. Landmark Hotpot picks the most healthy and alive geoduck from the fishermen and suppliers. With its savory ingredients, this is a dish that you do not want to miss.


Big Red Fish

This sumptuous fish dish offers a unique taste for a special dining experience. Landmark Hotpot’s award-winning chef has worked out the best combination of ingredients for each one of the rare fish dishes, satisfaction guaranteed. There is a huge variety of seafood in the restaurant, and you will get something different and special everyday.

 Deep Sea Fish Tofu

Deep Sea Fish Tofu

This is a perfect dish to go with our perfect hotpot soup. The fish tofu has the perfect balance of taste and health benefits. It is also appealing to the eye for its golden color, a signifier of wealth and prosperity. It is a must for all your special dining events.

 Delicious Oyster

Delicious Oyster

The coast of British Columbia is the source of abundant sea creatures and the oyster is a favourite for the dinner table. Landmark Hotpot provides the freshest oysters in the market. In addition to personal service, you will enjoy a memorable dinning experience in Landmark Hotpot House.

 About Landmark HotPot House

Landmark Hot Pot House has gained a strong reputation in Vancouver for being the top Chinese HotPot Restaurant. They are strongly dedicated to using the freshest seasonal ingredients, and the owner …

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